Commercial Garage Doors in Hamilton

Does your business need a garage door? Dominator Hamilton offers commercial garage door installation in Hamilton and the Waikato region. Our range of commercial and industrial garage doors includes something for every business sector and your unique needs.


Rolling Garage Doors

Rolling garage doors provide ample durability and security, perfect for storage units, warehouses, and industrial garages. Dominator Hamilton uses high-quality steel, metals, and modern technology to ensure smooth operation for years to come.


Roller Door Series A – Mini Warehouse

Dominator’s Mini-Warehouse Roller Garage Door offers the durability and security required by storage complex owners while retaining the ease of operation and quality finish of Dominator’s residential garage doors.



Roller Door Series B – Semi-Industrial

The Series B Semi-Industrial Roller Door is a strong, reliable industrial rolling type garage door. A distinct feature of this door is the small amount of room required above the lintel to accommodate the curtain roll.



Roller Door – Series C

The Roller Door Series C Industrial door has long been the ideal choice for industrial and commercial applications. It features several significant benefits to give higher standards of durability, performance, and most importantly, operational ease.



Roller Shutter Doors

Dominator Hamilton can provide large-scale Roller Shutter Doors both manual and motorised and with options of Powder Coated finish and bird proofing. Roller Shutter Doors offer a lightweight, durable security solution to outdoor and indoor commercial spaces that you want to keep secure. Think security shutters, roll-up sheet doors for warehouses, fire doors, or service doors.



Commercial Sectional Doors

Dominator Hamilton’s range of commercial sectional doors is unmatched in the industry. Our styles range from aluminium full-view doors, glass-panelled doors, warehouse doors, and more. High-quality materials and precise fittings ensure we have a commercial sectional door for almost any application, whether you’re looking for a large door for a fire or ambulance station, a durable door for aircraft hangars, or a secure door for your storage sheds.


Benefits of a Commercial Garage Door

Upgrading your business’ commercial garage door sets you a step ahead of the competition and gives you and your employees peace of mind. Some of the unique benefits include:

  • Increased Security: Technology like our app-based lock system helps you secure your garage door from anywhere.
  • Increased Durability: Modern commercial garage doors are built with high-grade materials to withstand wear and tear and protect the inventory and people on the other side.
  • Greater Energy Efficiency: Upgrading your commercial garage door with insulation helps regulate the indoor temperature of your warehouse all year long.
  • Improved Curb Appeal: Having a garage door makes your business look more reputable and safer for passersby. It also increases your property’s value should you wish to rent or sell in the future.


Schedule a Commercial Garage Door Fitting

Dominator Hamilton offers no-obligation quotes to businesses in the Hamilton area that are considering a commercial garage door. We’ll come to your site, measure your space, and offer a quote and our best recommendation on which garage door you need.


To learn more about the durable doors that meet industrial demands, call us on 07 808 6251.


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