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Your garage door experts throughout the Waikato
Dominator Hamilton
Your garage door experts throughout the Waikato
Dominator Hamilton
Your garage door experts throughout the Waikato
Dominator Hamilton
Your garage door experts throughout the Waikato

Garage Door Installation in The Waikato Region

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Dominator Waikato supplies, installs, and repairs quality garage doors in Hamilton and the Waikato region. The Dominator range is the most recognised and trusted garage door brand in New Zealand. Our garage door experts design secure, reliable, durable garage doors with great style and visual appeal. In addition to an extensive series of residential garage doors for homes, we have a range of doors specially built for the commercial and industrial sectors. Contact our team today for a free measure and quote.

Not Sure Which Garage Door You Need?

You might be looking at that list and wondering which garage door will suit your needs. Dominator Waikato can help! Our garage door experts in the Waikato region offer free measure and quotes, where we come to your home or commercial building and help you figure out which style you need based on a ton of factors like security, durability, style preference, and budget. 

Interactive Door Style and Colour Guide

Picture your new garage door on your house. Dominator Waikato has an interactive colour matching system to help you select a garage door that will perfectly match your exterior.

Garage Door Repair in Waikato

Is your garage door dented, worn, or just not opening and closing like it used to? You might not need an entirely new garage door but rather a garage door repair. The team at Dominator Waikato specialises in garage door repairs for doors of all styles and ages. We also have an extensive range of garage remote controls that our trained technicians can program to work with your existing door.

Advanced Garage Door Technology

Have you ever left the house in the morning and thought, “Did I forget to close the garage door?”

If the answer is “yes,” then the Smart Phone Control kit provides a great solution. The kit uses extended range technology so that you can also operate an entrance gate through the app.

The Smart Phone Control Kit allows you ample security to control your garage door with your smartphone. Since most of us already carry our phones with us, why not be able to monitor and control your garage door while you’re at it? This peace of mind is something a traditional remote control cannot guarantee.

We now also have a camera for your garage linked to the same phone app you are using for your smart motor. I will send you some marketing material on this.

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